Sunday, October 10, 2010

Artist: Daniel Gebhart de Keokkeok

I'm interested in Daniel Gebhart de Keokkeok's "The Days Off" series because I think his project has a similar feel to my project. He's not dealing specifically with memory but rather he's covering diverse subject matter, but doing it in a way that the project still holds together. This is something that I am working on myself because I have lots of different types of imagery associated with this project and I'm struggling to reign it all in and sequence it in a way that it will be cohesive. I also like that he is traveling and combining images from different areas into the same series, I'm planning a trip to North Carolina this coming weekend and I'm interested to see how the images will blend with the shots I have from the Richmond area.

Artist Bio:
2006 Photographer in Vienna / Austria
2007 moved studio to MQ (Vienna)
2008 Internship at Magnum Photos (NYC)
2009 Jury member at Tirolissimo
2009 married to Lara de Koekkoek
2009 Phootcamp (San Francisco / CA)
2009 reportage for Spot On Wien (Tokyo)
2009 represented by Kanyl (Sweden)
2010 moved studio to Studio65 (Vienna)
2010 represented by Daniel O' Gorman (Ireland)
2010 Jury member at Tirolissimo

"He has taken pictures of everything from pillowfights in New York to men sleeping in their cars in tokyo."

"the hunter and collector in me told me to collect images of nice moments. It made my life more intense and I started to see small and beautiful things that I didn’t recognized before."

Artist Interview:

Artist Representation:

Artist Website:

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